Being a rigid core flooring, ZEEZOO® is ultra stable, waterproof and incredibly durable. It really is manufactured to the highest standards, to be the best performing vinyl flooring available.


Not many floors can boast about being completely waterproof, but ZEEZOO® flooring is just that, not just water resistant, our floors are fully waterproof! Making them ideal for problem areas such as bathroom and kitchen floors.


The rigid core strength and floating click system allows ZEEZOO® flooring to be laid straight over existing floor coverings, with little or no preparation, such as ceramics, laminate, wood and old asbestos 'house builder' tiles.


Our flooring is one of the quietest floating floors available. With a reduction of up to 17db, making our floors ideal for apartments and hotels, where quiet floors are especially important.

What is rigid click flooring?

We are asked a lot what SPC means and it's simple, it stands for Stone, Polymer Composite. Rigid click or SPC Flooring is made of a high-quality SPC core.


    This layer protects the wear layer from premature wear and scratches, it can be recoated over periods of wear.


    This is the element that gives the floor ultra-durability, a clear, toughened layer.


    This is the decor layer, it is designed to offer the authentic appearance of wood and stone.


    Being a blend of stone and PVC, this creates an ultra stable floor that performs to the highest standard.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Built-in Underlay
  • Quiet Underfoot
  • More Stable & Durable
  • Lay Over Existing Floors
  • Fully Guaranteed
100% Waterproof
Built-in Underlay
More Stable & Durable
Lay Over Existing Floors
Authentic Designs & Texture
Quiet Underfoot
Natural Bevel Edge
Environmentally Friendly
Naturally Warm Underfoot
Fully Guaranteed


    The blended PVC and Stone Powder is formulated and constructed into a rigid core, which gives it ultra strength and stability, better than any other click vinyl flooring available. We stock SPC flooring manufactured by ZEEZOO®.The advanced technology, ensures ZEEZOO® floors are suitable in more environments and spaces compared to other vinyl, laminate or wood floors, which fall short in performance.


    • What is ZEEZOO® Flooring?

      Being a rigid core flooring, ZEEZOO® is ultra stable, waterproof and incredibly durable, it really is manufactured to the highest standards, to be the best performing vinyl flooring available.

    • How is ZEEZOO® Flooring installed?

      ZEEZOO® Flooring uses the industry famous Uniclic® locking system. The benefit to this, is because Uniclic® click together method is known within floor layers and construction professionals across the globe, the system is proven to produce fast installation, excellent locking properties and a strong, tight fit, ensuring each plank performs how it should for longer.

    • What are the quality control measures in place?

      Strict quality control measures are in place across our factory, at every level, to ensure the products we produce are of the highest standards.

      Everything from the design layer, to the pre-attached underlay, we make sure the quality is at the forefront of everything we produce.

      Our lab testing facility is in operation 24/7 to ensure each batch lives up to our stringent methods and meets all of our quality expectations.

      As our products are used for some of the largest construction projects across the UK and Europe, we understand the need for quality and expectation to be first-class at every stage, which is why this is our primary focus.

    • Do ZEEZOO® Flooring offer benefits to developers, contractors, merchants or wholesalers?

      As well as these many benefits, ZEEZOO® Flooring offers tremendous benefits to developers, contractors, merchants and wholesalers, in the fact our floors offer exceptional value for money, large stock capacity and fast availability. Specifiers can also be assured when it comes to the quality and versatility of our floors, as they look super stylish and can be laid in virtually every area.